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Germany FIR for London Control

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Free Germany Radar Patch Version

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Run Germany Radar and control the German airspace. Be an Air Traffic Controller in a highly dynamic environment and guide the flights safely to their destination.

Germany Radar is an Add-On for London Control, currently the Worlds best, PC-based ATC-simulation. Highly adaptable, it is very easy to program every imaginable FIR. AIRAC-Updates may be incorporated in the shortest time ever. That keeps the simulation always up-to-date.

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Since 28th July 08 new additional Voice incorporated !!

Since 20th October 08 new female Voice incorporated !!


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What you won't find in the Demo :

  • Voice recognition function.

  • Pilot radio communication.

  • Changing sector while the system is running.

  • Changing rate of traffic growth while the simulation is running.

  • Selection or deselection of radars.

  • Modification of Met conditions.

  • Input of new flight plans.

  • Modification of runways-in-use.

  • Saving or loading of user preferences or display settings.

  • Modification of advanced user preferences.

  • Simulation of uncontrolled traffic outside controlled airspace.

  • Run-time help.