The airspace in Germany

The airspace above Germany is arranged into an upper and a lower airspace. Mostly they are divided at FL245, in some control centers partially significantly higher (up to FL315). For air traffic, sectorisation is just of such importance as Turboprop airplanes usually operate during cruiseflight in the lower (-FL245) and Jet airplanes operate in the upper airspace (FL245+)

The lower airspace in the vicinity of an aerodrome is usually controlled by approach control. The area of responsibility of such an approach sector starts normally on the ground and reaches an upper limit of FL115 up to FL195.

Only the first minutes of a flight are controlled by an ATC-Tower. This controls the airspace from ground up to about 3000-4000 feet above ground vertically and about 10-15nm around the aerodrome horizontally.

Germany Radar offers you control of approach sectors, as well as enroute sectors in the lower and upper airspace above Germany. An overview map may be opened by clicking on one of the pictures below.


Appoach Control

Lower Airspace


Upper Airspace